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Para Sa Mga Sawi: "Project Kupal" Combines Pretty Photos And Harsh Realities!

Project Kupal, not kids, says the darndest things!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 15, 2014
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Motivational posters, de-motivational posters, that "keep calm and do x" template, sarcastic e-cards: all these are tried-and-tested Internet memes. "Project Kupal," an Instagram page that, in their own words, is "an account devoted to piss you off," creates something like thoseonly if they heard us say that, they'd probably raise an eyebrow at us.

More likely, they'd reply with something like this:

Project Kupal, as the name suggests, is offensive and spares no seat for the big fat ass of political correctness. And we like it. Their trademark posts: a beautiful photo...slapped with harsh words that ultimately result in a clever visual metaphor.

Attracting about 3,300 followers since first posting on May 27, 2014, our guess is that people like it for saying the things we typically avoid saying on social networks anymore. Such as these things:     

And especially these two:

The page has you covered when you'd like to tell your peer what you really think of him sometimes:

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Above all, their biggest hits cut right to the bone on the subject of love, relationships, and the lack of it.

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