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The GrabCar Good Guy And Other PUV Drivers Who Restored Our Faith In Humanity

It's easy to generalize in this day and age of 'bad trips' and horrendous traffic. One thing remains true though: Not all drivers are evil.
by John Paulo Aguilera | Feb 10, 2016
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It's certainly infuriating and terrifying to read about netizen's online account of their traumatic experiences with wicked drivers. Everyday, someone gets victimized by the latest incarnations of the Cab Driver From Hell, Samurai-der, Gran Theft Auto EDSA Bus Driver somewhere, making one think twice about ever riding a PUV again.

Still, for every unfortunate encounter with an erring driver that gets talked about out there, there are instances where the opposite quietly happens. Don't be surprised. Kind drivers with a strong sense of identity and integrity—like the GrabCar driver whose kindness was the subject of a viral post recently—still exist.

And it's only right you get to know them as well.

GrabCar good guy

Who: Carlo Santiago Diaz, 25 years old

What happened: Gelica Manuel Tulaunan was aboard Diaz's GrabCar vehicle when she witnessed this feel-good story. At first, Tulaunan thought that her driver was up to no good because he suddenly stopped the car in a secluded area on her way home to Tondo. Diaz, however, was far from the menacing thug she thought he'd be. The reason why he stopped was to feed a homeless woman staying in a dark alley. Turns out, the Good Samaritan always have extra food on hand to distribute when encounters like this happen, a practice he shares with his girlfriend and friends.

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Words to live by: "Sabi ng marami, dapat yung mga ganun daw tinutulungan ng gobyerno. Naisip namin, bakit mo naman hihintayin pa ang gobyerno kung pwedeng ikaw mismo ang gumawa?"


Elderly driver with manners

Who: Eugenio Ventura, 63 years old

What happened: A man got to ride possibly one of the few sincerely courteous cabbies in the metro. Rommel Lopez recounted how Lolo Eugenio gushed about his love for his profession, and the respect he has for his passengers. Ventura reasoned, "Kayo ang pinanggagalingan ng aming kabuhayan." The senior citizen driver didn't even accept a P20-tip from Lopez, unlike some of his colleagues who ask patrons for extra payment.

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Words to live by: "Sir, pasok lang. Hindi ako namimili ng pasahero. Kahit saan kayo pupunta, ihahatid ko kayo."

Bible big shot

Who: Marcelito de Mesa, 35 years old (identified in Mark Zambrano's Facebook post)

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What happened: Instead of trading curses with his fellow motorists, De Mesa, a jeepney driver, enjoys catching his passengers off guard with an impromptu Bible quiz. If you know who the wife of Abraham is (Sara), or you're aware of the longest verse in the book (Esther 8:9), then you've got yourself a free ride. In case you've already paid, he will return your fare.

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Words to live by: "Marahil kayo ay nagtataka, kung bakit si manong driver ay nagtatanong ng tungkol sa Bibliya. Pinatutunayan ng mga tanong na yan na ang generation ngayon, o nakaraan pang generation, ay wala nang interes na magbasa ng Bibliya."


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