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10 Bacon Recipes You Can Do In Under A Minute

Because deep frying will never ever be enough
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 23, 2016
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They say bacon is better than true love, sometimes we actually believe in that. True love is said to happen only once in a lifetime, but bacon? The fried luxury can happen seven times a week, 30 or 31 times a month (depends)—even all year round! Crispy or chewy, a bite of its fatty goodness will make you realize the true essence of forever.

Yes, we've read the heartbreaking news last year about bacon and cancer. But who are we to resist? Bacon lasts in the arteries, as compared to true love which is fleeting. The pinkish, reddish hue is God's gift to our sight. The sizzling, frying sound is music to our ears.

With this level of obsession to a piece of salty meat, why not unleash your Master Chef skill and try out bacon recipes? Don't fret; it doesn't have to be all that complicated. Here are easy-to-follow, less-than-a-minute cooking videos to satisfy your carnivorous tendencies.

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1) Bacon-wrapped meatballs

Because why not #YOLO

Click here for the recipe

Bacon-wrapped grilled BLT bagel

BLT as in Best Lunch Treat? Yes, please!

Click here for the recipe

3) Cheese & bacon Rösti

Bacon, potatoes, and cheese? You're welcome!

Click here for the recipe 

4) Bacon & kimchi pasta

Annyeong! Meat, vegetables and pasta have never been better

Click here for the recipe

5) Breakfast biscuit fries

More reasons to wake up early

Click here for the recipe


6) Potato bacon cheese bombs

Potato + bacon + cheese = DA BOMB!

Click here for the recipe

Cheesy bacon egg cups

Bacon and eggs for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and yeah, in between meals, too

Click here for the recipe

8) Loaded sweet potato skins

Kamote diet taken to a whole new level

Click here for the recipe

9) Bacon tiramisu

Bacon for dessert? Ugh

Click here for the recipe

Bacon nutella brownies

Salty, sweet and sinful

Click here for the recipe


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