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Rachel Donaire - May 2011

<p>There&rsquo;s no throwing in the towel with the loving Rachel Donaire in the Filipino Flash&rsquo;s corner</p>
by Ronjay Eduvas | May 25, 2011
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How was it being in a shoot with your husband as photographer?
It was different because there were other people around. That’s why I put on music so I could get into a zone where I can feel like there isn’t anyone there. But it was fun! It was totally different to have him direct me on how to pose and things like that because we usually just play around at home,nothing formal or anything. It was different.

Who felt more pressure?
I think he did! He seemed super nervous and he kept looking for approval for his shots, and he had to deal with posing me as well. So yes, I think he was the one [who felt more pressure]. He even called in his photographer friend Nicolo to help him out with the shoot, so I think that just shows how nervous he was for this shoot.

You are very comfortable in the role of the supportive wife, but we hear some people find you a tad too supportive. What’s your reaction to those who think that you’re too involved?
I don’t think some people are used to someone who is very supportive. Sometimes I get things, like, “You should just be at home making him dinner” on my Facebook. For me, parang that’ s so old school. And the thing is, he wants me there most of the time. Sometimes when he’s shooting, he looks for my approval, too. He values my opinion of the shot. Maybe, you know, two heads are better than one.

You guys are always in the public eye. How are you like at home?
We’re never at home. We just got a place in Vegas, we might have spent only two days there. We just bought it. When we go to training camp in San Mateo, we’re at my parents’ house. And when we’re here, we’re full of back-to-back schedules. We’re, like, super never home. And when we are, we just crash. We don’t watch TV, we don’t go on the Internet, we’re just, like, dead.Ha ha!

But this is the life you want.
It’s the life I want because we don’t have kids yet. We want to be able to do what we want to do, and when we have kids, we want to devote our lives to them. I’m blessed that my parents had their time together before having me and my sister, so we were really spoiled. I’ve seen other people na parang they shove their kids aside and be all, “me, me, me.” I’d rather run around, get tired and do all the things I wouldn’t be able to do when I have kids.

Your parents were here today as well. How much have they influenced you?
I would say only up to 50 percent. I think, up until the time I was married, of course they were really opinionated about everything. And sometimes, they would put in too much of their opinion, but as time went on I think they understood that what we’re going to do is up to me and Nonito. Parang, “if you want to take my advice, ganito. Pero if not, sige.” They are very supportive. They understand that I am very strong, I am very opinionated, they know that whatever decision I make, yun lang. No one is going to be able to stray me from my decision. Like I said, I feel like they’ve raised me the right way and they trust me to make the correct decisions for my future.

You are Pinay but were raised in the States. Isn’t there some tension because of that dichotomy?
Always! I don’t think that Filipinos as a whole are completely ready for someone like me. Really opinionated, very real, just raw. A lot of the times,they want things sugarcoated and I’m not the type of person who does that. Ha ha! It has taken a lot of getting used to, just because of the fact that my first reaction is I’m going to tell you the truth, but parang they want to be patted on the back more. More praises, more sugarcoating, more whipped cream and cherries on top compared to just how I’m used to doing it. Ha ha!

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