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FHM paints the Internet red in search of the best online destinations today! <br />
| Dec 21, 2006
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Reading the web address alone gives you a vivid picture of what to expect in this portal. overheardinnewyork collects a gamut of heard quips in the streets of the Big Apple. You’ll be amazed at what people utter during supposed private conversations. A twit overheard this conversation in Union Square:
Yuppie woman, bumping into a man: Sorry.
Man: Don't say sorry. This is New York. Nobody says sorry.
Woman: What do you want me to say? Fuck you?!
Man: That's better. This is New York. Who says sorry?
Woman: Fuck you!

What do you think happens when you let anyone take over corporate messages on advertisements? This idea, brewed by award-winning ads-man Ji Lee on the streets of New York, pokes fun at the ordinarily cheesy endorsements, corporate campaigns, and other celebrity snapshots. Hilarious! Makes you wish you can bubble-project Edsa.

This site is up for music streaming with an assortment of local tunes. It gathers up radio hits, which you can play in real time. The sound quality is pretty gritty for today’s standards, but at least there’s now an accessible site where OPM is up for netslingers. All music files in this stop are in MP3 format with an extensive collection of local artists ranging from Gary V. to Urbandub. Unlike most stream sites, all tunes here come with lyrics sheets. This portal is also up for an online karaoke session, in case you decide to belt it out.

A definite pit stop for corporate slaves who’d rather be busy with something else other than, well, work. All about time wastage and pointless entertainment, this portal contains a hundred or so unreasonably addictive games that are sorted according to genres. Choose a flash-format game that you think is worth skipping your working hours for like shooter games, car racing, even trivia puzzlers. Log on, get hooked—and good luck on your next performance appraisal!

Ever wanted to research something that you can’t possibly find in the pages of an encyclopedia and dictionary? Chances are you’ll find an answer in Wikipedia, a pop culture encyclopedia with an attitude. Dished out and edited by folks like us, Wiki can talk about any topic imaginable, whether it’s about global concerns like the Al Qaeda attacks or trivial matters like why gin bulag is a must-drink.

Test your level of disgust and ready the puke bucket if you dare, this shock portal is stuffed with all the ghastly inspirations that you can stomach—bloated corpses, slashed up bodies, a guy holding his own intestines, mutilated fetuses, lacerated sexual organs…We’d rather not go on. Rotten is as graphic as hell. Not for the faint of heart, it’s by far one of the gutsiest sites we’ve come across in a long while.

This one sorts out all the amateur video entries and weeds everything that can’t be dubbed as an act of sheer stupidity. From top to bottom, this site gives you every possible scenario just to celebrate stupidity. Think America’s Funniest Videos, only more wicked. From getting chased by wild pigs to accidentally crapping on the hot tub, the dumb-ass comedy here will get you laughing for a long time.

Clipcast has highly interesting local contents that feature sinful edibles, travel destinations, local artists, and the latest flicks. It loads up quickly than other video sites with segments just like on television. Created by, the content of this cyber magazine is so vast you may never have to go through search engines just to find the latest with your favorite topic.

Launched in the ’90s as part of CNET, is a virtual arsenal of computer geekery—and the largest one at that. PC, Mac, or even mobile phone users can browse through four categories: software, music, games, and videos. Files are up for immediate download via FTP from the site’s servers, or via third-party servers. The most drool-worthy part of this website is the software section, which has over 100,000 freeware, shareware, and try-first downloads. Downloads are often rated and reviewed by editors as well as downloaders so you won’t be left in the dark. It’s practically a one-stop site for all your basic software essentials and more.

Who else, aside from our very own Asia Agcaoili, can give the best opinion on romping than these celebrity sex psychiatrists themselves? Dr. Margarita Holmes throws you some local know-how while Dr. Ruth gives you a down-to-the-last-detail advice. In our part of the world, Doc Margie is the local sex guru. Global sexpert Dr. Ruth, on the other hand, has been advising about the deed perhaps way before your parents ever thought of actually doing it.

Having no cable is a bitch; good thing there’s a portal where you can view show segments from the male-targeted American cable channel G4 (the same people who brought us The Man Show). Just recently, the site has been devoting its bandwidth to game-related features like snarky reviews, previews, game polls and the like, making it more interesting for TV buffs and game junkies. The female hosts make this site even more appetizing for men.

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