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Dude Transforms Hoverboard Into Dragon Ball Z's Flying Nimbus

He has earned the approval of '90s kids everywhere
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 12, 2016
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We all wanted to hop on the Flying Nimbus (or Kinton Cloud in local dubs).

It helped transform Dragon Ball Z into an institution, a symbol of sheer awesomeness that '90s kids wish they had. It offered a number of advantages, from making mere mortals look up to its owner to giving Goku the Coolest Dude In The World label.

And now, we finally have a working one.

Well, sort of.

Taiwanese YouTuber Yes Ranger created a real-life version of the fluffy air transport device, using a hoverboard and loads of yellow wispy fiber. And although it can't rival a jet plane's speed or transport its rider to where the air is as thin as Maine Mendoza, it's still a noteworthy creation deserving of our short attention span.


Now imagine riding it in Manila's mean streets. (On second thought: Don't. It's a risky affair.)

And, just in case you want to be the second-ever owner of the closest thing we have to a Flying Nimbus, check out the video below of how Yes Ranger created it:

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