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IN (AWESOME) PHOTOS: Red Bull's Paper Plane Flying Competition

Yes, such a competition exists!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 13, 2015
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For those unimaginative twerps who think paper planes are just children's play things or love letter couriers for teenage romantics, you might want to read on...

Red Bull recently held its triennial paper plane flying competition, dubbed Paper Wings World Final 2015, in Salzburg, Austria. The tournament gathered 200 of the world's best paper plane artisans, including a delegation from the Philippines composed of De La Salle University's Neiman Sevilla and Bryan John Sayas, and University of the Philippines' John Panis.

From left to right: Sevilla, Sayas, and Panis not only bringing pride to the country but
meeting cuties from all over the world like Hong Kong Team Captain Michelle Mo

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As simple as flinging systematically-folded sheets into the air may sound, this sport entails a great deal of prep work and dedication, especially with three categories to contend in—longest airtime, longest distance, and best in aerobatics.

To give you an idea how damn serious this event is, here is a primer on the four-year-old competition:

Still not convinced? Below are some of the scenes at the recent Red Bull Paper Wings World Final 2015, as seen in their website's content pool...

A sport dealing with flight and aerodynamics obviously requires a spacious indoor venue so there will be no wind interference. The competition was set at Red Bull's own aircraft museum, Hangar-7 in Salzburg Airport.

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What would an aerial contest be without the judges...

...and a crowd that is as boisterous as those seen in actual aircraft exhibitions?

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Let the games begin!

First thing we learned: Distorted faces are essential in paper plane flying!

Who did it better?

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We guess silence plays a part, too.

Or not...

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Lesson No. 2: Paper planes don't necessarily need to look like planes.

And the award for most creative windup goes to...

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We take that back!

The day Yip Man shifted from martial arts to the paper-folding arts

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Now that's a pretty large flyer

Apparently, in joining these kinds of events, one also has to be well-dressed:

We all know what country he's representing

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Plus points for the cosplay!

CLOSE ENOUGH: Po, from Kung Fu Panda

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Now, it's time to see our representatives in action!



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NEIMAN SEVILLA, who placed 20th in the longest airtime category with his Takuo Toda "The Sky King"-inspired design

At the end of the contest, Armenian Karen Hambardzumyan's flier managed to hang around in the air for 14.36 seconds for the longest airtime title; Bulgarian Veselin Ivanov's aerial contraption travelled the farthest at 53.22 meters; while Lebanese Avedis Tchamitchian notched a perfect 50 in the aerobatics category. Awesome numbers, right?

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Practice now, aspiring paper plane flyers. See you in 2018!

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