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Revisit the Places of Your Youth!

Your childhood memories are awaiting you
by Mikey Agulto | Aug 24, 2012
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Yay! Monday, August 27, is when we celebrate National Heroes' Day, which is why we will be going through another long weekend for the second straight week! But because you're possibly financially and physically spent during the previous four-day holiday, most of you will most likely be on tipid mode this time around. So we'll do you one better with our proposed weekend agenda: Swing by all the tourist city spots you used to love as a kid, all for the sake of good memories and euphoric nostalgia. Like?

Sweat like an 12-year old kid again on a Saturday afternoon with your yaya in tow at the Quezon City Circle. Grab some footlongs and ensaymada after a fun day at the Manila Zoo. Just thinking about it gives us the chills ala-Flanax commercial. Check out the rest of our childhood nostalgia list below!

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