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WATCH: Rhian Ramos Takes A Dip in The Bathtub

Glad to see this beautiful Filipina getting some international exposure!
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 25, 2013
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American Christian rock band, Jars of Clay, has a new music video out for their song "Fall Asleep" taken from the 11th and latest album Inland . The album was released last August 27, 2013.

The real newsmaker here is this: Rhian Ramos is in the video. Filipino director Luigi Tabuena met the band during their concert here held during the Holy Week. He pitched his idea, and the band approved it, and they went ahead and shot it. The music video is notable for being created by an all-Filipino crew, headlined, of course, by Rhian.

Rhian, who says she's "happy to have done it," stars in the somber music video where she takes a dip in a bathtub in a white gown and in various states of melancholy. Parts of the video were shot in super-slowmo, adding to the surreal vibe.

Given that it's not everyday we see Rhian taking a dip in the bathtub, we have gone on to dissect the video meticulously. We've selected a number of frames that chronicle Rhian's trippy time in the tub. Let's begin:

Here she is. She is preparing to take a dip in the a very serious manner.

Here she is, already in the tub. She has something on her mind.

Something is clearly bothering her: she took a dip without bothering to take her clothes off.

There are flowers in her tub. Is this what's bothering her?

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Or is it the fact that the bathtub is kind of overflowing. Check out this pretty shot of a droplet in slow-mo.

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Whatever it is, it's clearly disturbing her.

But whatever, she's going to try to sleep it off.

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It's really overflowing!

She also forgot to take her ring off.

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She marvels at it. "Do people take their rings off when taking a dip in the tub?" she wonders.

And then the phone starts to ring.

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"It's my 'me time;' I'm not answering that! Ugh!"

"Can't I have 'my me time' in peace?"

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NEXT: Will the phone continue to ring? How will Rhi-rhi react?

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