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Richard And Sarah Reveal Baby Boy: Sabi Na Nga Ba Eh!

See, we totally knew it from the start!
by Mikey Agulto | Jun 2, 2014
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FHM Nation, have you heard? After months of silence and speculation, Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati have finally confirmed that they indeed have a child together!

In the pilot episode of the E! Asia reality series It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez last Sunday, Richard revealed that he is now a proud father to a baby boy named Zion. Sarah, meanwhile, posted the following on Instagram: "We never denied him. We just wanted to keep our privacy. I love my family and I'm extremely happy and blessed that we were able to finally share our life with everyone." Good for you two!

We're genuinely happy for these lovebirds, but we just want to say: Sabi na nga ba eh!

Richard Sarah

This particular news bit makes us think of all the showbiz rumors we've correctly predicted in the past. Ayaw pa kasing umamin agad eh, noh? Scroll down to see our list!

1) The one where Anne embarrasses her sister's lover

Remember when news of Anne Curtis and Sam Concepcion's scuffle first circulated? The Dyesebel star allegedly told the pop singer to piss off during a recent party, but Anne refuted these claims. "Of course I spoke to Sam that night and as always, I told him to take care of my baby sister. But to clarify, I did not say any of those words. Ang mahalaga Sam and I are okay. End of story, no issue here," she wrote on Instagram.

Sarah Richard

Sam himself eventually opted to set the record straight, and it turns out that a confrontation indeed took place that night. "We all didn't expect it to happen. It was a surprise. There was a confrontation that happened, but I understand where she's coming from and nagkakaintindihan din kaming dalawa ni Anne," he admitted.

Sabi na nga ba eh!

2) The one where Billy tries to put Coleen out of the picture

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Remember when people first started linking Billy Crawford to Coleen Garcia? He was so pissed off, right? "What the hell is wrong with you people? There is nothing about me and Coleen! You guys are just so wrong, man. Huwag niyo nang idamay ang mga taong walang kinalaman sa hiwalay namin ni Nikki," he posted on Instagram days after his break-up with Nikki Gil.

Richard Sarah

Well, it turns out Billy did have feelings for Coleen all along. "I know she wanted to pull away at one point and just didn't want to have anything to do with me because of the speculations, because of everyone speaking on our behalf," he revealed on The Buzz a couple of months later. "Pero ako, bilang lalake, I'll pursue her. Paninindigan ko."

Sabi na nga ba eh!

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