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RIP: Alexis Tioseco and gf Nika Bohinc

<p>A week later, everybody is still in grief</p>
| Sep 9, 2009
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"Dear Mr. Tioseco," begins Lourd de Veyra on his latest blog entry over at The said entry is a letter for film critic Alexis Tioseco, who was shot to death last September 1 in his home in Quezon City. His Slovenian girlfriend, fellow film critic Nika Bohinc was not spared. Lourd's letter to Alexis pretty much echoes the grief that, a week later, has not yet mellowed down.

He writes: "You write the kind of criticism I am completely incapable of. Earnest, passionate but sober and circumspect... After what had just happened, what do we know about absurdity? What this cheap business of mine all boils down to is cowardice."

It was reported earlier that one of the couple's household helpers, identified only as Criselda, let three gunmen in. One of them pulled the trigger.

The Inquirer website reported yesterday that the Police has already arrested a suspect in the killing: "Supt. Gerardo Ratuita of the Quezon City Police District’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit identified the suspect as Danilo Jovoc Sr., 47, an employee of the couple."

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Jovoc was arrested Saturday afternoon, September 5, the same day that the slain couple was cremated.

Alexis Tioseco was a faculty member of the UA&P and was an editor of an online journal of Southeast Asian Cinema. Nika Bohinc, meanwhile was a freelance film journalist.

"I hate myself for doing this only now," Lourd tries to end his letter. "But what I hate more is the fact that the letter had to be addressed to you, under such hideous circumstances. Which is why I have difficulty ending this. I’m delaying the inevitable. I’m still in denial. Something remains unsaid and I don’t think I’d want to talk about it anymore, especially seeing the report on the noontime news where you and Nika were reduced to grim pixels on the TV screen. I’m not very good with grief."

At the rate it's going, with people dying on a monthly basis, we would have learned how to deal with death by year's end. —Lou E. Albano

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