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Laglagan Moments with Iza Calzado!

We love you, Iza!
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 5, 2012
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Iza Calzado is on fire! Kenny Rogers Roasters officially launched the acclaimed actress as its newest ambassador last Tuesday, October 2. How fitting, considering how Kenny Rogers is home to some of the healthiest food choices available, while Iza has been known as a overall health advocate in recent years.

"Eat on time and choose a healthy meal over junk food," dear Iza exclaims with conviction. "We're very fortunate that there's Kenny everywhere, with so many yummy selections on their menu there's no excuse to eat bad food anymore." Ain't this babe impressive? Ikaw na, Iza!

But lo and behold: did you know that Iza Calzado wasn't always this disciplined? Her closest BFFs, in fact, dished out a couple of laglag revelations about their celebrity friend during the press launc, from her love life to her obsessive compulsiveness. We share with you the juiciest ones below! Peace tayo, Iza!

1. Iza is indecisive when it comes to men.
The Kapamilya actress is also quite courteous even when she have to rejects a guy. “One time, a Russian guy walked up to Iza when we were at the mall and while she made it clear that nothing’s ever gonna happen between them, she managed to let him off gently,” says a friend.

2. Divine Lee, who befriended Iza while hanging out at a mall when they were kids, reveals that Iza can be an absurd fitness freak at times. She adds that, in fact, all of their friends agree that they find it difficult to keep up with Iza's fitness routine. After waking up at 3 a.m., Iza regularly invites her closest friends to join her exercise, which takes place at dawn, noon, and night. That’s running, yoga, and circuit training for you. Whew!

3. Iza struggled with obesity back in high school, which explains her present day fitness binges. She was in fact voted as the official teddy bear of her batch. But all is good in the end—Iza claims that she had lost 80 pounds in her senior year alone! Now she's happy with the fruit container she constantly keeps inside her purse.

4. She is also the official bodyguard/protector of her barkada even from way back. Iza once protected her best friend from a school bully by lifting said mean girl off the ground with her bare hands. Rumor has it that she even gave her a bear hug. Iza implements her mother hen persona nowadays by constantly forcing them to chow down on healthy food. They hate her for it.

5. Iza Calzado is on a perpetual diet, says a friend. Here’s the clincher: she once followed her fitness instructor to Hong Kong just so she can keep up with their regular training routine for the day. She also does squats and sit-ups while inside a moving car. Talk about obsessive compulsive!

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