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Keeping Up With The Dutertes

Brush up on Malacañang's new residents
by John Paulo Aguilera | May 17, 2016
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So much has been written about President-elect Rodrigo Duterte in recent memory—from the changes he want to implement to the bevy of criticisms hurled at him, not to mention the colorful anecdotes on his soft side, among others.

Another interesting facet of the Davao City Mayor's fascinating life story is his "extended" family; Digong the lover boy has children with two different women. And what President Benigno Aquino III essentially didn't have, the privilege to house members of his nuclear kin in the Malacañan Palace, will now be given to Duterte.

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But despite their increased visibility leading up to their patriarch's victory in this year's polls, not all of us are aware of the next set of faces that will occupy the president's official residence once PNoy vacates his post on June 30.

Worry not, because FHM have gathered all available info on the presumptive First Family. We start off with Duterte's First Lady, or Ladies, for that matter...

Cielito Avancena

Age: 46

Identified as Digong's common-law wife, the soft-spoken "Honeylet" slowly came into view as Election Day drew nearer. Although don't be mistaken with her meek demeanor, she seems as feisty as her husband.

Avancena, who has been Duterte's partner for 20 years, finished and practiced BS Biology and BS Nursing, and has a Master's degree in Nursing. She is also her beau's private nurse. Her training and four-year experience in the United States proves valuable for Digong, who is suffering from Buerger's Disease.

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Here's what she'll be doing in the first official function of the Duterterte presidency, Digong's inauguration:

Aside from managing the house for her family, she is also running several businesses in Davao, such as donut franchises and a meat shop. Proof of Digong's kamandag, Avancena was the third runner-up of the 1998 Mutya Ng Dabaw.

Elizabeth Zimmerman

Age: 68

Digong's first official love. He and Zimmerman were married for 27 years, had three children (Paolo, Sara, Sebastian), until the latter filed a petition at the Regional Trial Court in Pasig to have their union nullified on the grounds of "philandering." Duterte, who was a no-show in court, didn't contest her plea, which was granted after just two years.

During one of the case hearings, Zimmerman even told the counsel, "He is a very good leader. That is all he is. But when it comes to family, he is not capable of taking care of it."

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The estranged couple have reportedly been civil in recent years. Last year, Zimmerman was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer, which prompted her children to shave their heads, which also symbolized their support for their father's then-undecided presidency. Despite her condition, Zimmerman eventually joined her ex-husband's campaign trail, "Byaheng Du30", early this year.

Sara Duterte

Age: 37

Political background: Mayor of Davao City from 2010 to 2013; re-elected in 2016

Unarguably the most popular member of the Duterte clan aside from his pops, "Inday" Sara gained notoriety after her "I Sucker-Punched The Sheriff" moment.

Aside from being the first woman and the youngest to have been elected as mayor of Davao, Sara is also a loving wife to fellow lawyer Mans Carpio and a doting mother to daughter Sharky and son Stingray.

During her inaugural speech, she admitted to having seen herself as more of a pediatrician than a politician. In 2014, Sara was elected as one of Philippine Red Cross' Board of Governors (BOG).

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Her father has expressed his intent to appoint Sara as his First Lady; however, she doesn't seem too keen to the idea, saying that she wants to focus on her duties as Davao City mayor and parent to her kids.


Paolo Duterte

Age: 41

Political background: Vice-Mayor of Davao City from 2010 to 2013; re-elected in 2016

The eldest of the Duterte siblings, "Pulong" has rather kept himself away from the limelight with his father's rise to popularity. He is married and a father of five.

Paolo is a degree holder of BS Commerce - Banking & Finance at the University of Mindanao, and has a Master's degree in public administration at the University of Southeastern Pacific.

He began his political career as barangay captain of Catalunan Grande from 2007-13. He has also been the president of the Association of Barangay Chairmen from 2008-13.

Paolo has been allegedly linked to a carnapping syndicate led by Ryan Yu. When asked about the matter, Digong infamously said, "Kill my son Paolo if he is involved in crime."

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Sebastian Duterte

Age: 28

Baste is the youngest product of the Duterte-Zimmerman union. He has two kids, a five-year-old daughter from a past girlfriend and a one-year-old son with his current partner.

Sebastian finished his Bachelor's degree in Political Science at the Ateneo de Davao University.

Atlhough he rose to fame for his bad boy looks, the surf-loving Duterte is well-spoken, as seen in his one-on-one interview with Rappler:

He might have been tagged as a heartthrob by fangirling netizens, but there is one lady who caught his fancy recently: Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Sebastian, who met his father's political rival before the final presidential debate, took a photo with his idol and told her to give his father "the fight of a lifetime."

Veronica Duterte

Age: 12

Avancena gave birth to her only child with Digong, "Kitty," while she was still in the US. Being the youngest Duterte, the mayor is unsurprisingly fond of her the most. In one interview, Kitty described her dad as the "spoiler," as compared to her mom who is the "disciplinarian."

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Speaking with Rappler, she revealed her special task in her father's campaign:

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