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Ruin and Resolve

<p>Writers writing for a good cause</p>
| Jan 7, 2010
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If there’s anything positive we could take from the recent battering our nation received from Ondoy and Pepeng, it’s that Filipinos can unite for a good cause. [firstpara] It’s been a few good months since those catastrophes hit but the hands of those who can give seem to keep on giving. And this time, it’s a group of talented writers.

From Rocket Kapre Books comes an anthology of Philippine speculative fiction and poetry, comes Ruin and Resolve. It features 19 stories, five poems—all given away by the authors free of charge—and brilliant cover artwork from the artists at Artspice Studios.

Ruin and Resolve speaks of tragedy and recovery, of painful disaster, the wounds it inflicts, and the bandages, the medicine, and the compassion with which to heal.

There are always two sides to a story, and those two sides have never been starker than in those aforementioned disasters. In ruin, darkness; in resolve, light.

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As one saying goes, the night is always darkest before dawn, and that is one of the themes found in the collection. Truly, this piece of inspirational work will strike hope in all who’ll have the chance to read it.

Ruin and Resolve not only inspires though, it seeks to provide concrete help as well, as all proceeds of the book sales will go to the Philippine National Red Cross and eventually to the victims of Ondoy and Pepeng.

For more info on Ruin and Resolve, and where you can buy it, please follow this link:



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