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<p>And make most of your X'mas bonus</p>
| Dec 3, 2008
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Christmas, really, is a time when over-spending, over-eating, over-drinking, over-anything is tolerated! Now, just because the economy is hitting a slump doesn’t mean party’s over. And just the same, just ‘cause you are determined to party doesn’t mean you’ll let everything go. Here are a few things you can do to save Christmas from the recession blues. And save what you can from the over-the-top Christmas bonanza!

Save Money
• Making a list. Before going shopping, make a list and check it twice! This will help you stay on your budget track.
• Become a pothead. Now that we have your attention, go potluck with parties. If you’re throwing a party, get everyone involved, in everything, including expenses. No, it’s not the same as putting a door charge. Consider it a shared experience, just like when you were in grade school (and donuts were the first to be volunteered!)
• Recycle gifts! You’ve been doing this since forever, so why stop now?
• Get creative! Instead of buying, why not make your own presents? Mixed CDs, photo frames, beer bongs, are always a welcome gift, not to mention easy to make, too.

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