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#ScienceFTW: Boiled Coke And 5 Other Interesting Soda Experiments

With the help of science, we uncover some really interesting, even nasty, things about our favorite sodas!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 9, 2014
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Last week, a scientific demo popped up in YouTube that basically spelled bad news for soda guzzlers everywhere. It showed what happens to Coke when boiled, and the result is, in everyday parlance, kadiri.

Check it out below:

Did you see that? It basically turned into a pile of black goo! We wouldn't even touch that even if you pay us a $1 million. (Okay, we will...but payment first, oki?) “Soda-licious,” it certainly isn’t.

Done by YouTube-er CrazyRussianHacker, it aims to visualize just how much sugar is supposedly inside a bottle of Coke. By boiling the water away, the nasty-looking stuff is left behind.

soda experimentsThe anti-soda peeps' reaction upon seeing this experiment

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We put our sleuthing caps on to know more about the experiment. Apparently, the black, tar-like substance that looks like it can be used to fill potholes is essentially gooey sugar. It’s black because of food coloring. Also, other really sugary liquids will probably produce the same result, depending on the food coloring used.

But what’s really alarming is the amount of sugar in there. Sure, Coke's packaging gives the measurement (around 53 grams for a 500ml serving), but seeing it in the flesh is just plain scary. Just imagine downing it all. Diabetes, anyone?

Our research led us to another video showing the same things, but this one was done by a sexy Brazilian girl we’d gladly watch “experiment” all day. See her below. You’re welcome!

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