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Scre4m’s Opening Today: 9 Sexiest Women Dying a Scream Death

<p><em></em>Simply Gore-nographic</p>
by Mikey Agulto | May 4, 2011
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FHM is insanely wound up: Scream 4 is opening tahday. Yup, we are huge fans of the franchise that on an any given inuman, when the line “What’s your favorite scary movie?” is tossed out, alam na. The Scream trilogy is famous for repackaging the horror movie, you see. The first of the series proved to be a game-changer when it came out in 1996; soon, it became obvious that Scream is in the process of revolutionizing the genre.

It has a smart premise: characters openly discuss the conventions of popular horror flicks–anyone who drinks, does drugs or isn’t a virgin die, for instance—while they, too, are in the midst of a bloodthirsty, knife-wielding masked madman. It maintains its very smart premise—it is a horror movie aware of the conventions of horror movies—but Director Wes Craven and Screenplaywriter Kevin Williamson (dude’s back on board) bring Scream 4 up a notch.

Of course, This Movie Event sets the wheels in our heads thinking…about all the hot women that Ghostface has gutted to serial-killing perfection in the past. There is nothing more enticing in a horror franchise than watching big bosomed gorgeous ladies (running up the stairs when they should be running out the front door) get hacked to bits in pure gore-nographic form. Here are the top 9 SEXY DEATHS that are bound to release the sadista in you.

Kelly Rutherford as Christine
From: Scream 3
Where you might have seen her alive: Melrose Place, Gossip Girl
Blonde, beautiful and in a negligee, Christine is the perfect recipe for a murder victim. In the opening sequence of Scream 3, this delicious tart receives a phone call from someone pretending to be her boyfriend. Lo and behold it’s our favorite masked killer torturing the solitary beauty. When her boyfriend, Scream alum Cotton Weary finally enters. She attacks him, unaware that Ghostface is lurking in the shadows. Backstabbing has never been this literal.

Fatal mistake: Simply turning her back signed her death sentence. When someone says, “Behind you!” Look or else it might just be too late.

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