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THE SELFIE OLYMPICS: The 25 Skills You Need To Be A Selfie Champion

Gentlemen, start your cameraphones. This is the 2014 Selfie Olympics, and here are our winning tips to conquer it.
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 8, 2014
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Some time ago, we vowed to never ever take a selfie.

Today, that self-imposed rule might just change all thanks to, by far, the most important tournament of the year: The Selfie Olympics 2014! The contest involves posting selfies and has taken the Internet by storm. But best of all, it's still happening as of this writing!

As posted by the tourney's official Twitter account, @SelfieOlympics, there are only two rules for posting a selfie: it must be taken inside a bathroom, and a prop must be used. After that, the only limiting factor is your own creativity, appetite for absurdity, and SOMETIMES, the dexterity of your feet:

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Classic moves like the duck face, the peace sign, and the look-up ain't going to cut it brother. If you're going to have a chance of winning this thing, you've got to step your game up, which is what we're going to help you with!

Below are the skills and traits you must have to be The Ultimate Champion of The Selfie, young padawan.

1) You must be able to withstand the bullying that might follow.

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You must have expert control over the contraction of your butt cheeks.

You must be a trained gymnast who can balance perfectly on a doorknob.

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You must be able to sleep where you shit.

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You must be able to face the legal consequences of breaking and entering.

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