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Selfie Wars: Celebrity Battle of the Sexiest Selfies!

A battle of the hottest celebrity selfies! Who'll come up on top?
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Sep 7, 2013
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Celebrities are giving their fans lots of love by being active on their public accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They really make us feel like we're really budddies, keeping us updated on what they're doing almost every day. We really don't mind them flooding our newsfeed with their #ootd's, #tbt's, and tons of #selfies. It makes it easier for us to stalk, err, ge to know them.

It's also been a great source for our InstaSexy features. And while piling up hours upon hours of "researching" for the sexiest selfies out there, we often encounter comparable selfies—like when two hot celebrities wear almost the same dress, or when two equally hot babes check out their FHM cover girl swags in the mirror, or when Ellen Adarna and Solenn Huessaff ask the whole world who wears bikinis better? Man, that's a #sexyproblem we won't even try solving.

So, we decided to pit them up against each other—their selfies, at least—in order for us to decide for ourselves whose selfie reigns supreme. Don't forget to leave your comments below, FHM Nation. Let the Selfie Wars begin!

Battle # 1:  Ellen Adarna vs.  Solenn Heussaff  - The Bikini Check Selfie

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