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Seven sexiest women of comic book adaptations

<p>The glory of 3D</p>
| Sep 24, 2009
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Move over Watchmen, Hellboy, and whoever the people in Whiteout were. The comic book to movie adaptation trend continues with Surrogates. First released in 2005, Surrogates made some noise in the graphic novel circuit with is futuristic flavor, excellent art, and riveting story. It is the brainchild of Robert Venditti, who we think will be quite pleased with the results of the movie adaptation: Surrogates looks to be one of those adaptations that will have you scouring local hobby bookstores for the actual comics after the movie. Before that, though, check out our list of the sexiest women we’ve seen in a comic-book-to-movie adaptation.[firstpara]


Vilma Santos, Nanette Medved and Anjanette Abayari.

This one is pretty obvious, and needs no further explanation. We even made a list of the sexiest Darnas of all time.
We do have one wish though: a new Darna movie that will make good use of today’s filmmaking technologies. We want to see Darna in epic proportions provided by the big screen again. Especially if that Darna is Marian Rivera.

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