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Sex, Drugs, and Literature: 9 Authors to Sate Your Hedonism

Ready for some page-turning debauchery?
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 12, 2012
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If you think reading and books and literature are square and boring exercises of square and boring folks, ya better think again. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll? Why, those aren't exclusive to rock stars! Such debauchery can be had in the province of reading, too! 

A lot of writers have tested the waters, pushed the limits, and dabbled in the illegal all for the sake of their craft. Of course, not all these writers are self-confessed addicts, nor are their penning works of taboo subjects simply for show. They are wildcards who aren’t afraid to write about what most would rather not speak of.

They tell it like it is.

Whether it’s about fornication, suicide, drug abuse, or violence, they successfully leave track marks on their readers. Get high off of our nine favorites. Share with us on the comment section below those authors and books that tripped you out of your mind.

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