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Sex, Dutdutan and Rock n Roll: The Dutdutan X Experience

<p>9 Reasons why Dutdutan may as well be tattooed on our minds!</p>
by Lou E. Albano | Sep 27, 2010
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So Dutdutan X happened last weekend. This year marks the tenth year of the tattoo festival, and as expected, this year is the biggest and the grandest of them all.

Dubbed Dutdutan X: A Decade of Artistic Ink, it featured the traditional tattoo convention and competition, the always-crowd pleasing Tribal Bikini contest and a slew of great bands. Because of the quasi-milestone that is its 10th year, Dutdutan X also featured a new event: a Drummer Duel Competition.

A tribe of enthusiasts, supporters, curious george, and their girlfriends flocked to the World Trade Center to check out the festivities. Of course, this hasn't been always the case. For far too long, tattoos were considered a taboo.

But with the help of rockstars, athletes, and celebrities, the ugly connotations faded. It was a slow burn of a process, one that took years, if not decades.

The gallery below, which features the 9 Best Things About Dutdutan X, illustrates just how far the culture of Tattooing has come. Why one short of 10? We leave that one out to you.

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