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The Sex Lube Olympics Sounded Like The Best Thing Ever...Until We Actually Saw It

Japan maintains their reputation for the odd with the slimiest contest in history, the Sex Lube Olympics
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 30, 2014
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Two weeks ago, a thing called the Sex Lube Olympics happened.

And as you might expect, the kinky tournament—officially called the "Sex Lube Grand Athletic Meet"—is the invention of the world's foremost leader in weird, Japan. Officially called the Sex Lube Grand Athletic Meet, the event had over a hundred people pouring lotion all over their bodies to do things that would be fun while all lubed up.

Participants had to shell out around 10,800 yen (around US$100) to partake in the shiny shenanigans while spectators put out 3,240 yen ($30) to watch.

We all thought, "Things that would be fun while all lubed up? What else could it be but sex?!" 

Unfortunately, and ironically, no. This wasn't like the slimy, sex orgy that the words "sex," "lube," and "Olympics" brought to our minds. Instead of something like this...

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We got a fight between two rival ice skating gangs...

Epileptic seizures...

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And the least epic tug-of-war ever!

There also was a giant ball relay...

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A reenactment of life's evolutionary emergence from water...

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And this:

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After seeing all these, does anyone here want to try out? The next lube games happen on July 5-6, so if you'd like to become a "lotionist" (that's seriously what they call lube enthusiasts in Japan), book your trip to the Land of the Weird Land of the Rising Sun now! Malay mo may piso fare! 

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As for us? We're filing this one under #WeirdJapan.

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