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Shock attack

<p>Tales of mortifying mishaps: most welcome!</p>
| Dec 1, 2010
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I used to sneak inside my ex's house thrice a week for our extra "bonding" sessions. We did this for over a year and never got caught by her folks. That was until one time when we changed the time of my visits. I went to her house at 10am rather than 9p.m.. The thing was, after doing the deed in her room; we fell asleep.

I remember waking up to the sounds of keys unlocking the door. It was her mom! So we hurriedly put on our clothes before her mom could barge on us. She was shouting, demanding that her daughter open the door. My girlfriend tried to stall, saying that she was in the shower, naked. It was incredible that she put her clothes so fast just so she could stop the door from opening while I looked for a place to hide. Her mom eventually overpowered her and got in. She saw me going up the cabinet doors in my boxers.

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It was an awful sight. All I could only say was, "Hi tita, good afternoon po!" That was the end of our relationship.
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