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Sightseeing at Toycon 2011

Still totally geeked out
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 23, 2011
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Last June 18 and June 19, the Megatrade Hall in Megamall was transformed into some paradise for...geeks. [firstpara] In spite of the heavy rains, the place was flooded with everything from toys to costumes and everything in between as Toycon took place.

The event, if what we saw were any indication, is indeed the biggest of its kind in the country.

And event organizer, and co-founder Cholo Mallillin said that the industry, the entirety of it from cosplayers to toy collectors, is still growing.

Now on its 10th year, Mallillin revealed that he himself didn't expect that it would grow this big.

The first Toycon was held in just a small room, specifically in the conference room right beside Megatrade, and it was just a small gathering of people who shared a passion for these kinds of things. 

Now, Toycon is a spectacle--a grand one at that, which occupies the three main halls of Megatrade. Hall 1 was filled with toy exhibits, where you might just be able to find that one last figure that would complete your Batman action figure collection.

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At the second hall, the event sponsors put up their booths along with dozens more stalls selling comic books, shirts, DVDs, stuffed figures, stuff you can use for cosplaying--practically anything an otaku, hobbyist, or the weekend geek would want. Over at the far end, at Hall 3, cosplay contests and various geek-related performances were staged.

A highlight of the 10th Philippine Toycon was the attendance of the crew of one upcoming Hongkong movie called Cosplay Nation. Along with all the attendees, the crew reveled in the sights and sounds offered by the event, but they also came with the purpose of filming the event to include it in their upcoming film. During one presscon before the event, the filmmakers revealed that they thought that the Philippines has become one of the top cosplaying countries in the world, and that they've come to admire the dedication of the cosplayers here. It surely doesn't hurt too that Alodia has been gaining a following not just in the country, but outside of it as well. 

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Speaking of Alodia, we got pictures of her, if you didn't notice! Check out the galleries now, and see not just her but the other highlights of the event too!

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