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Siglo: Passion

A graphic novel proudly Philippine-made!<br />
| Sep 22, 2006
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Nautilus Comics' second installment of the Siglo comics series, entitled Siglo: Passion, won the award for Best Comic Book of the Year at the National Book Awards held by the Manila Critics Circle on August 31, 2006. With the first book of the series, Siglo: Freedom, also winning the award at the 2004 National Book Awards, the Siglo series has become one of the most critically acclaimed comic book series in the Philippines.

The Siglo books are labors of love by various local writers and artists who all contributed to these anthologies simply for the sake of aiding in the evolution of Philippine comics. They include Palanca and National Book Award winning creators such as Dean Francis Alfar, Nikki Go-Alfar, Honoel Ibardolaza, Cyan Abad-Jugo, Carlo Vergara and Quark Henares. Internationally reknown artists such as Gerry Alanguilan, Lan Medina, Wilson Tortosa, Lenil Francis Yu, Rafael Kayanan and Jose Illenberger have also lent their considerable skills to the Siglo series. Joined by other established local creators and a few talented newcomers, the Siglo books are a virtual who's who the best in Philippine writing and art.

The newest book in the series, Siglo: Passion, is one of the most ambitious comic book projects in Philippine publishing and literary history. While the first book, Siglo: Freedom, had been hailed by critics for pushing the envelope in the realm of graphic novels, Siglo: Passion has raised the bar even higher. Where the Siglo: Freedom was published in black and white and featured 10 stories by 10 different creators, Siglo: Passion arrives in full color on high quality glossy paper, showcasing 12 stories by over 30 different writers and artists.

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