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Smooth Criminal

<p>Crime misdeamenors and pathetic small-time crooks</p>
| Apr 30, 2010
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I went to a bookstore with a friend to buy a poster. As I paid for it, I saw a promo leaflet near the cashier. I got one and kept it in my bag. I saw another brochure that was about gadgets so I handed it to my friend, which she also slid in her bag. I scanned through its pages as we were on our way out of the bookstore. Nginitian lang ako nung guard as I asked him if he needed to put a stamp on my receipt, so I kept on reading while walking out of the place. When I was on the last page and turned to the back cover, “May presyo!” I shockingly declared. I looked back and saw the same guard walking behind us. We panicked. So like crazy fools, we ran out of the mall fearing the guards would come after us. I’m never going back to that store again. They may already have wanted sign posters there for my head. But hey, hindi ko sinasadya! - Alexis Zamora, Cainta

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