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So Long, Yao

The other great wall of China is calling it a day
by Mikey Agulto | Jul 11, 2011
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The title of this story of course pertains to the news of Yao Ming deciding to retire from NBA basketball for good. But if you believe it pertains to the 7’6” Chinaman’s height and body frame, then by golly you’ve got it spot on as well.

Yao has yet to release an official statement regarding this matter, but sources close to the Rockets star has confirmed the long-running speculation. The man has played all but five games in the past two seasons, glided down by a severed fracture on his left foot and the surgeries that went with it.

If Yao is indeed hanging his shoes for good, he will leave an NBA career that has spanned nine seasons, with averages in points (19ppg), rebounds (9.2rpg), and blocks (1.9bpg) he can be proud of. He is also an eight-time all star, though most would agree that we have China to blame for at least half of those selections.

We could only speculate what Yao would want to pursue next; the guy has been sitting on the sidelines for too damn long, he’s already as good as retired in the eyes of those who don’t really care about the sport. But hey, the possibilities for a giant athlete could prove to be plenty.

Yao for one is the owner of the Chinese Basketball Association team Shanghai Sharks, the same team he honed his skills with before getting drafted by the Houston Rockets in 2002. He also holds major endorsements both in the US and China, and is committed in different charitable institutions involving basketball.

Who knows what else he’s been up to since hitting the bleachers. He is after all a Chinese experiment turned Chinese prodigy turned Chinese celebrity – the government is not about to leave him behind in exchange for a busted NBA career. And self-made icons such as Yao Ming somehow remain to live the celebrity life post-basketball. Just ask Jordan; Shaq too.

But really, Yao is already suffering the cursed belongings of being a near 8-footer. Heck, we reckon the dude might have not been built to play a game of hoops in the first place. Your daily orthopedic probably would have seen this scenario happening five years ago.

The man is just too tall, not necessarily too strong; to be in a sport that features behemoth cagers on a regular basis. We’re just glad that at a young age of 30, he’s realized his situation.

Still, Yao will not be a disappearing act anytime soon. Filipinos root for him just as much as the Chinese do, given that he’s the first Asian to enjoy a legitimately successful NBA career. Suffice to say we’re just as cheerless, proud, and concerned about him as well.

The guy is in need of a closure, and quite frankly, his ever-loyal fans need one too. So here he is, finally making it happen for himself.

On behalf of the FHM nation, Yao, so long!

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