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Solaire Stunners - April 2013

Elegance we could get used to
by Khyne Palumar | Apr 3, 2013
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Remember last November's FHM-masterminded Solaire Stunners' recruitment night? Since opening last March 15, Solaire's stunning candidates have officially been whittled down to the resort's stunning ambassadors. We picked three of them to chat up, and decided to put them in leggy, thigh-high slitted ball gowns. Aren't casinos grand?

Is the job description intimidating?

Initially, it was, because as ambassadors we interact with the guests first. But the training and
workshop were very helpful, so I feel more comfortable with the job.
April: I know that there were many ladies who applied for the position but only a handful were chosen. So I see it more as an achievement.

What’s the easiest and hardest part of this female ambassador gig?
Easiest part is everyone knows you. I interact with a lot of people, and I learn so many things.
…hardest is needing to be poised and eloquent at all times. It’s hard to stay beautiful and communicate eloquently all the time. We’re also managing complaints and handling unruly guests while still smiling in five-inch heels. The bottom line of being an ambassador is having presence of mind while staying tall and beautiful.

Do you gamble?
I’m not much of a gambler but I enjoy playing the slot machine.
I only gamble for love. Ha ha ha! Funny because I don’t consider myself lucky in betting so I really
don’t do it.

If you weren’t ambassadors, and just came to Solaire to hang, where would we find you?
You would probably see me at the pool. I love swimming.
What I know of resorts and casinos is that they serve sumptuous food in their restaurants, so you
would probably see me in the restaurants then go to the gym after all that calorie intake. Ha ha ha!

We take it you’ve always been models?
: I’ve been a freelance model for four years and a brand ambassador for a cigarette company for a year. Being part of Solaire is a whole new experience for me and I’m looking forward to it.
Prior to Solaire, I was a full-time model. I’m also a reigning Miss World Philippines Princess, and a
product endorser doing ramp, TV, and print ad modeling.

Being in your line of work though, do you ever get to see ugly people?
We see all sorts of people! I spend my free time hanging out and chatting with my friends. It’s fun because we have different jobs and we’re able to discuss different things.
April: Outside the hotel I spend my time going to the gym, cooking, and catching up with my family and friends. I also do photography and dancing.

What excited you about resorts and casinos to begin with?
Kat: The chance to meet so many people.
April: Gaming. It’s a whole lot of excitement especially when you’re winning. But what excites me the most with this resort are the tourists that it can attract from around the world. Since I’m a graduate of  hospitality management, I’m excited with the tourism impact of putting the Philippines back on the map.

Speaking of hospitality, what VIP treatment do ladies like yourself expect from gentlemen in return?
Kat: I want to be treated with respect. A perfect gentleman should be understanding. He should understand me and my work. If he can do that then we will get along just fine.
April: He should be loose with compliments instead of critique, and he should be polite and confident. As
for as how I want to be treated, I want to be loved and respected like a queen—and spoiled like a princess!
Ha ha ha!

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Photography Paolo Pineda Styling Kam Ocampo and Jay Sarmiento of Style List, Inc; Assisted by Andrea Locsin, Voltaire Isagra, and Sarah Madarang Makeup Amanda Padilla for Maybelline

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