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LOOK: Manny Pacquiao Flawlessly Photoshopped Into 9 Popular Bands!

Today in Mayweather-Pacquiao news: Our Pambansang Kamao's (severely altered) history with boy bands!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 10, 2015
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Manny Pacquiao's status as one of the all-time boxing greats is undeniable. However, despite "Para Sa'yo Ang Laban Na'To" being a helluva LSS-worthy tune, his vocal prowess doesn't exactly score a K.O. in our audio scorecards.

We applaud the man for trying (and for gamely accepting the resulting ridicule from haters) but don't you think he should just focus on kicking Floyd Mayweather's butt come May 2?

But what if our Pambansang Kamao was given a different set of skills? What if, instead of putting other boxers to sleep, he was given the kind of voice that makes the ladies swoon? And what if he used it to lead his own group? Our ears will probably never hear that day, but at least our eyes can have an idea of how things could've turn out!

Thanks to the obviously-bored creative minds at Green Mango, we now have a peek at how the boxer-politician-endorser-PBA-coach-preacher-all-around-nice-guy would've look like as part of some of music history's most popular all-male bands!

Scroll down, and be amazed at yet more evidence of Adobe Photoshop's true power!

Manny Pacquiao as sando-wearing Justin Timberlake in *NSYNC

pacquiao boy bandImage via

Manny Pacquiao blinged-out as a member of Run DMC

pacquiao boy bandImage via

Manny Pacquiao ditches the bangs as a K-Pop idol in C-Clown

pacquiao boy bandImage via

Manny Pacquiao borrows pre-pubescent Justin Bieber's emo haircut and colors it red for Insane Clown Posse

pacquiao boy bandImage via

Manny Pacquiao as the only angry member of Backstreet Boys

pacquiao boy bandImage via

Manny Pacquiao replaces Kirk Hammett as Metallica's
kulot shredder

pacquiao boy bandImage via

Manny Pacquiao goes classic retro with the Beatles

pacquiao boy bandImage via

Manny Pacquiao shaves off his Bruce Lee-esque 'do for RHCP

manny pacquiao scores in the pbaImage via

Manny Pacquiao as the creepy man-child of One Direction

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pacquiao boy band

Whoa! All of those were flawlessly done! Now how about doing a set for Money May, Green Mango? He might get jealous, you know.

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