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Son Of China's Richest Man Bought 8 iPhone 7s...For His Dog

How much do you love your pet? Apparently, not as much as this guy
by Tanya Umali | Sep 21, 2016
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Don't be jealous of people who already bought an iPhone 7. Be jealous of those who already bought eight—all just for his beloved dog!

Coco, a female Alaskan Malamute, happens to be the pet of Wang Sicong, the son of Chinese real estate billionaire Wang J. She's one lucky pooch because she instantly got her paws on the handsets on the day of iPhone 7 was released in China. Her owner also scored for her both the rose gold and black colors.

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To commemorate the day, Wang Sicong uploaded the photo above on Coco's Weibo account and wrote: "I don't understand all the show-off posts on (social media). What's the point? Don't make me do it?"


So, how much does an iPhone 7 in China cost? A whopping ¥7,988 or roughly P57,337! Multiply that by eight and you get ¥63,904 or P458,698. That's almost half a million pesos!

This is not first time Wang Sicong has displayed his devotion to Coco. In 2015, she received two Apple Watches (one for each paw). Each watch, including the luxury band, was worth around ¥80,041 or P574,528.

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Now, the real question is what does Coco do with the iPhones? Let's hope Wang Sicong didn't just purchase them to serve as Coco's chew toys.


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