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Songs in the Key of Sex!

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| Jul 17, 2006
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WORDS: Lou E. Albano and Alex C. Paita
PHOTOGRAPHY: Krusty Galsim of Foto Resources

Play when: Having wild makeup sex!
Let Me In
Mike Francis

From the album Classics
At 3:51, electrifying guitars interplay with the keyboards for a good minute, then Mike Francis chimes in climactically: “Hey babe, lead me through the colors of your rainbow now, you gotta understand, you got this shadow hangin' over me, I'm not the man I used to be! No, my destiny is in your hands.”

Play when: Seeking and giving reassurance
Keith Sweat

From the album Keith Sweat
Sexy strings at the start, a steady beat and a proud chorus sung alternately by the reunited couple: “Who can love you like me? (nobody) Who can sex you like me? (nobody) Who can treat you like me now, baby? (nobody). Nobody, baby.”

Play when: Taking “cunni-lingual” lessons!
My Neck, My Back (Lick It)
From the album Thug Misses
Not a second goes to waste in this shameless dominatrix anthem. “All you ladies pop your pussy like this,” it begins. But the best part comes when Khia instructs: “First you gotta put your neck into it, don't stop, just do it. Then you roll your tongue, from the crack back to the front. Then suck it off til I shake and cum nigga, make sure I keep busting nuts all over your face...”

Play when: Feigning innocence
Fresh Pair of Panties On
Snoop Dogg
From the album Rhythm & Gangsta
Steady, vibrato-driven guitar and piano are ever present, but the chorus drives the whole point home: “Do you have a fresh pair of panties on? I've got to know, or you could show me. Silk? Cotton? See-through? Lace? Your sexy thong? I've got to know, or you could show me.”

Play when: Making with a girl in dreads
Under the Reggae Moon
Brownman Revival
From the album Steady Lang
Who would’ve thought that “Under the Sea” could be a good peg for a beach nookie number? Now this might be of great help for merman-looking dudes.

Play when: Cooking up a foreplay, politely
Stroke You Up
Changing Faces/R. Kelly
From the album Changing Faces
The chorus goes: “Do you mind if I stroke you up? (I don't mind) Do you mind if I stroke you down? (I don't mind) All through the night (I don't mind), until your body's tired.” And who can resist such politeness?

Play when: Having a nookie!
From the album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
Dark, syncopated beats, with a pretty direct message: “Let's rehearse making a baby. Put in your order, I want a baby daughter. Dance on the tip of my tongue. Shake the clouds until there's no more wetness in them.” Complete with sound effects of speeding cars, closing doors, dropped keys, torn pants, and “moaning” samples, the last 50 seconds of this song will make you explode. Just don’t mind the crow at the end.

Play when: Enhancing your make-out song IQ
Slow Jamz
Kanye West featuring Jamie Foxx
From the album The College Dropout
Perhaps the only make-out song about make-out songs on this list. Endorses Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, Anita Baker, Gladys Knight, Ready for the World, New Edition, and Minnie Ripperton, and ridicules Michael Jackson.

Play when: Desperate to lure a beautiful stranger
Cartada Dies
Rico J. Puno

From the album The Best of Rico J. Puno
“Mula ulo hanggang paa, wala silang ibubuga. Kung sa kinis super kinis ka. Cartada dies kahit saan ka tignan.” Take it from the original Mr. Suave of OPM—this surely works!

Play when: Speechless, with or without a bondage tape on your mouth
Too Marvelous for Words
Frank Sinatra
From the album Songs for Swingin’ Lovers
Any song from the Chairman of the Board can set the romantic mood for your ladylove, but this one says a lot by saying pretty much nothing: “You’re just too marvelous, too marvelous for words.”

Play when: Making the best out of steamy summer nights
Never Been Kissed
Hed Kandi
From the album Hed Kandi Beach House 04.03
Grind to this upbeat tune be it on the dance floor or your bathroom floor. The kiss, and everything that happens after that, will come naturally.

Play when: Reminiscing your mid-90s trysts
Nice and Slow
From the album My Way
This old-school favorite will always be top of mind whenever the discourse about make-out anthems arises.

Play when: Pleasing a gothic college chick
Five Years
Sugar Hiccup
From the album Flipside
After an intimate candlelit dinner, this might just be what could drive her to do crazy stuff, like ripping your clothes and, ehem, “sucking” you like a vampire.

Play when: Stoned and loaded at the beach
Moonlight Drive
The Doors
From the album Strange Days
“It's easy to love you as I watch you glide. We're falling through wet forests on our moonlight drive,” Morrison sings as we hear jazzy piano and sliding guitar notes in between.

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Play when: Waiting for her initiative
O Lumapit Ka

From the album
“O lumapit ka, kung gusto mo akong halikan, di kita sasawayin. Alam na alam mo namang ito’y gusto ko rin. Alam na alam mo namang ako’y kikiligin.” Very convincing, ain’t it?

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