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Sorry for Pop Rocking

Utter humiliation. Cue laughter
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 2, 2012
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I was on a jeepney ride one day, listening to some music I downloaded for my girlfriend with my earphones on.

Everything was fine until a clumsy lady beside me accidentally sat on my earphone cord, unplugging it from my phone—so automatically my phone went on loudspeaker mode. Tween pop music singing “ooh ooh oh oh oh” escaped my phone in full volume.

In panic, I tried to cover the speakers, but got even more frustrated because I couldn’t remember my lock code out of panic. So I managed to silence the speaker only after rudely pulling the cord off the lady's butt and inserting it back to my phone, then shooting her an evil look.

Everything was fine again, except I felt everyone smirking at me. Never ever try listening to M2M, or any of your girlfriend’s music in public. They’ll find out one way or the other.

Dax, by email

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