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<p>Tales of mishaps: most welcome</p>
| Mar 4, 2011
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I decided to go to a massage parlor one day. At this particular parlor, you only pay for the room. Any “extra service” discussed between you and the masseuse is a separate transaction. So I brought extra cash in hopes that I might get laid. After shelling out the money for the room, I was left with about P2,000 so when the pretty masseuse asked me if I wanted more than a massage, I agreed and promised her P2,000 and so we did the happy ending.

It was great and I made sure I got my money’s worth. When it was time to pay up, I pulled up my wallet and realized I only had less than a thousand bucks. I must have miscounted. I apologized to the masseuse and handed over the money, the masseuse snapped, “Leche ka! Kung makatira ka kala mo may pera!” She gave me a solid slap on the face before she stormed out.That was the last time I stepped in on that spa.
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