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Of Course Shit Happened When A Stab-Proof Vest Was Tested On A Reporter

Well, that was painful to watch...
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jan 11, 2016
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Ah, the things people do for their jobs.

In this case, a reporter for a scoop.

With stabbing incidents becoming prevalent in Israel recently, a body armor company came up with a stab-proof vest in hopes of reducing casualties.

And what better way to promote the product than to do a live demonstration to show off the product's defensive properties.

Channel 1 reporter Eitam Lachover agreed to be the demo's (stab) test dummy. He cooperated. Unfortunately for FMS Enterprises—creators of the protective gear—their product did not.

The video below doesn't even need to be translated to make you cringe: 

On the third strike of the second set, you'll notice the moment of shock on the reporter's face as the knife pierced through the vest.

We could only imagine how FMS Enterprise Vice President of Research and Development Yaniv Montakyo, the person who did the stabbing, must've felt when Lachover flinched.

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Thankfully, Lachover only sustained "superficial stab wounds, had some stitches and was released back home," according to his tweet.

Montakyo, on the other hand, assured in another interview that Lachover was stabbed in an area where there was less of the protective material. He also said that the product had been 100-percent successful in an earlier take.

Nevertheless, it could probably take a while before Montakyo could use the expression, "I got your back," again...


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