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Stealing Kisses with Ritz Azul!

Ritz Azul, <em>nanakawan ng halik</em>!
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 12, 2012
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In light of the "robbery incident" that transpired during last weekend's FHM event has decided to channel TMZ for y'all today!

Those who attended November 2012 cover babe Ritz Azul's autograph signing at the Robinsons Galleria Supermarket last Saturday, November 10, most likely saw what happened, but allow us to share the juicy details to our brothers who weren't able to make it.

1. Ritz Azul arrived on time (6 p.m.), looking oh-so lovely in her black blouse and tight ponytail. Members of the FHM Nation started crowding the supermarket area. The delightful howling began right on cue. And, like what we had previously ballyhooed, Ritz does indeed look like Heart Evangelista at certain angles!

2. Anyway, Ritz proceeded to fulfill her cover babe duties, signing magazines and posing for pictures with everyone. The usual zany suspects made the event all the more awesome: Someone gave her a ring, another one forced her to wear this Gaga-like shades, and then there's the talented dude who gave Ritz a delicate sketch portrait of herself. "Sobrang sweet niya," Ritz told us after the signing.

3. Halfway into the event, this happened:

4. As seen above, the dude asked our cover babe to sign his undershirt, much to everyone's envy. A good few cheered on, looking delighted. It was a bit out of the ordinary, but then again we wouldn't mind owning one of those shirts ourselves. We even thought it was cool.

5. Now, take a good look at the photo below. This was the last photo we had of the guy before he "stole" something from our cover girl...

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6. Right after this snapshot, this guy planted a big, fat kiss on our cover babe's cheek! The crowd once again howled, this time several decibels higher (we're guessing everyone was extremely jealous). Ritz was caught off guard. Her handler looked over at us. And the bouncer near her started to go in for the kill. "What the hell?" we overheard the guy next in line saying, "I was planning to do that myself!"

7. Fortunately for Mr. Swabe over here, he managed to get past our bouncers, slide through narrow spaces, hop over a small fence, and ran his ass off for good. He obviously planned this escape route. Meanwhile, our security team gave chase.

8. Minutes later we were told that he was caught not very far from the scene of the incident. We weren't told anything else beyond we hope you made it home safe brother man. And, just so you know, what you did was NOT COOL. We gotta treat them ladies with respect! It takes a whole lot to gain a top celebrity's and her management's trust, so we wouldn't wanna do anything to jeopardize that. Intiendes?

9. Ritz went on and finished the signing like a true professional, and we love her even more for letting this incident go. You really can't blame him for going in for the smooch, Ritz, we even told her. See, we all love you so much it hurts!

Moving on, Saturday's signing was actually a big success, so props to everyone who attended! In fact, ang gaganda kaya nga ng mga kuha ninyo! Head on over to our gallery page to check out your photos with Ritz! You can also proceed to the MyFHM page to upload your own pictures during Ritz's signing.

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With that, we greet y'all a Happy Monday, FHM Nation! See you at next month's signing! And please, let's not go stealing kisses again. Remember, you could always ask first...

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