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Proof That Steve Harvey Is Just The Unluckiest Man Today

He did man up and apologize after his huge fail at Miss Universe 2015—but still...
by John Paulo Aguilera | Dec 21, 2015
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Other than Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez, no one feels worse today than Steve Harvey, who just made the worst possible mistake at the Miss Universe 2015 coronation night—by wrongly declaring the former as the new winner, despite Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach being the true queen.

Relive probably the most awkward moment in Miss Universe pageant history:

Steve has already issued an apology.

However, netizens were understandably enraged with the proclamation flub, especially considering how Adriana and Pia must've felt during the clear-up.

With everybody high on their emotions, you'd be sure that the meme machine is well up and running. All they need is a playfully cruel hashtag, which we've just learned is officially #PrayForSteveHarvey. The following is the Internet at its mocking best/worst.

You could only imagine Steve's face when he realized his error.

Obviously, Family Feud memes couldn't be avoided.

Uhm, wrong game show?

And he's not quite good at it.

Some even feasted on photos of a sobbing Steve

's 13-second KO record might just be broken

 fever is still in effect.

Here are two destinations crossed off from Steve's list of holiday spots

Some just downright "killed" the man

You're on your own, bruh.

People doubt that he'll have another major hosting job anytime soon.

Our friends from Top Gear even joined in on the "fun"!

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At the end of the day, you have to admit that manning up and taking full responsibility says a lot about Steve's character. Just don't do it again, sir!


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