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Stude proves women do fart

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| Dec 1, 2005
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Coming home after school, I’d usually take a siesta before going to a café to study with my buddy.
That afternoon, I decided to spend my rest hour reviewing the FHM Jan-Feb issue. I read the fart feature and just thought to myself, “what a lame article!” It asked, “do women fart?” Of course they do. But it was only later at the café when I witnessed it first-hand. I was busy reading my neuroanatomy book when two middle aged women came in and sat next to our table. As I was sipping on my frappucino I heard this tremendous “fffrrrrttttt.” I knew it came from the lady seated behind me. Shocked as I was I feigned innocence. She must have noticed but she brushed it off. But I couldn’t contain my giggles my buddy had to ask what was wrong. I told him what I’d just witnessed and in a totally insensitive manner he blurted, “Kupal, buti na lang di nangamoy!” The lady overheard it alright, and in shame she walked out with her friend.

viel j., Cebu city

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