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Study: No More Chinitas by 2020!

<p>No more chinitas available? Oh come on!!!</p>
| Jan 13, 2010
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Millions of Chinese men might see the year 2020 as the true end of the world, while some might simply refuse to live long enough to see it even happen. Read on, if you dare.

Here comes another inconvenient truth: a study conducted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences discovered that more than 24 million Chinese men of marrying age could find themselves without spouses by 2020.

While we are obviously not one of their countrymen, we have got to feel sorry for our fellow men. We here at FHM could not simply fathom how it would feel like to find out that the future is bleak in terms of finding the girl of your dreams – any girl, in fact.

The reason behind China’s future female drought is simply due to gender imbalance. Sex-specific abortions occur in most areas, because cultural preference for boys over girls in China is at an all time high.

According to reports, men in poorer parts of China may end up marrying a lot later in life or not find anyone to marry at all. While being single for life spells doom for a regular dude, for many men in China it means breakage in family lines. In short, lower income results to lower chance of finding the love of your life. Now is that shallow or what.

Women will probably opt for men with financial and social security as they age. Other signs that you are in trouble is when you are in your late 40s and is still single, which means age gap between partners will be affected as well. Study says that the younger and more dependable, the better.

The Chinese people though, were warned. Several studies over the years always point out the increase in male-female ratio year after year. Chinese couples, limited by family planning policy, end up preferring men over women because of their capabilities and greater earning potential. Thus, the most serious demographic problem China’s people never saw coming.

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