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Today In Stupid Criminal News: Basag-Kotse Gang Gone Wrong

Karma at its finest!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Mar 3, 2015
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One of a car owner’s greatest nightmares is seeing their windows smashed into pieces. Be it an act of revenge by a fuming girlfriend/wife/mistress, or by that dude whom you stole that parking spot from. Or worse, by the low-life members of the Basag Kotse Gang.

These scumbags don’t care about the hassle they'll be putting you in as long as they get all the valuables inside your ride.

Now, if only all car thieves were as dumb as this dude:

Apparently, this CCTV footage was taken outside some pub in Ireland. This thief's M.O. is to smash a rock through a car's windows and steal all the expensive things left inside. The problem: He sucks at it.


He looks like an ordinary criminal at first, seizing up his unknowing, or in this case parked, victim.

Suddenly, he takes out the rock in his pocket and throws it at the driver door's window! SMAAASSH... Oh, wait. It didn't work.

He picks up the brick and tries it one more time. He's one resilient mofo, that's for sure. More importantly, this illustrates why you should save up for a Mercedes Benz. #HindiKayaViralCampaignLangIto

After a few seconds, look who's back!

Armed with a bigger rock and a burning spirit to break something, he winds up with all his might and....

After getting knocked out, he wakes up with a bigger headache aside from his throbbing bukol:

Check out the video below and watch karma at its finest!

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