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GOOD GRUB ALERT: Sumo Sam Unveils New Mouthwatering Offerings
WARNING: May cause intense Japanese food cravings!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 20, 2015
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With the deluge of new Japanese restaurants in the market, one of the country's biggest Japanese food chains, SumoSam, is stepping their game up.

The restaurant, known for their commitment to authenticity, recently revealed a new set of menu items. Their goal with the new grub: to explore the fun side of Japanese cuisine.

Here are some of those dishes:

Japanese flavors mix with Mexican-style preparation with these Tuna Tacos. A great appetizer, the fresh tuna loin are flavored with a spicy, wasabi-infused sauce and a tangy salsa. The crunch provides a nice contrast to the soft tuna meat. Quite interesting!

Price: P248

If you like grilled freshwater eel, you'll like SumoSam's Daikon Unagi Maki. The rich flavor of the unagi and the crisp that the thin radish provides make it a worthy centerpiece to SumoSam's new unagi creation. Their Unagi Set (P598) also comes with broiled premium eel on top of Japanese rice.

Price: P398

SumoSam takes fun to a new level with the Ebi Chizu Aburi. See all that yellow topping on that fat slice of shrimp sushi? That's blow-torched cheese buddy. And trust us, once you dip that bad boy in some Kikkoman and wasabi, your tongue's going to have a heavenly good time.

Price: P328

The Edamame Gyoza isn't your ordinary food court gyoza. The serving is big, filling, and highlights the brined, starchy Japanese soybean (edamame) flavors.

Price: P248

First off: Yes, it tastes as good as it looks. The Rock Shrimp Tempura packs a lot of crunch but is very meaty inside. And it's quite easy to munch it all down in one go thanks to its bite-sized serving. You can also choose to have it in either sweet or spicy. (Remember how hard it is to stop eating Pringles once you start popping? The same rule applies here.)

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Price: P298

Our absolute favorite of SumoSam's new offerings. This is pork at its full potential. The Japanese roast pork is simmered in spicy sauce for four hours before being deep-fried to a crispy, juicy finish. A perfect blend of meat and fat seals the deal for the Buta Kakuni, and makes this a dish we'd gladly wish for if we're going on the electric chair tomorrow. It's the very definition of Man Food.

Price: P318

SumoSam's new menu items are available now. For more information, check out

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