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5 Super Expensive And Super Awesome Date Spots Only The Filthy Rich Can Afford

Ah, Valentine. Aside from being the most romantic 24 hours ever, it's also a day where our hard-earned <em>sweldo </em>disappears like it was never there in the first place. But what if our pockets were super deep, where will we bring our date? To the insanely extravagant places in this list!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 14, 2014
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Call it the most romantic day of the year, but if there's one thing we hate about Valentine's Day, it's the fact that our wallets and bank accounts dry up faster than a glass of water in the Sahara Desert when it arrives. If you're single, rejoice.

Still, it's all for your girl so ayus lang (says the rational dude in us).

But what if money's no object? What if you had the funds of a Napoles (with a clearer conscience)? Where will you bring your date? Feast your eyes below on FHM's list of the incredibly expensive and incredibly awesome date places around the world.

No cheap motels and malls in here!


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What you're paying for: A stay inside the Lover's Deep, a luxury hotel in the form of a friggin' submarine! Built by the British company Oliver's Travels, it offers rich folks a date under the waves with huge-ass windows for a view of the underwater wildlife, complete with a bar, flatscreen TVs, and a king-size bed.

And you can choose where the sub will go! A perfectly romantic setting for a little bit of labing-labing, if you ask us. Just hope that the windows are strong enough to keep the water away while you're leaning on it and doing the nasty.

Makalaglag-panga price: $145,000 (around P6,500,000) per person a night


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What you're paying for: A dinner in one of NYC's most posh restos, Masa, which serves authentic, mouth-watering Japanese dishes. Don't let its name fool you though, this is one place where a gastronomic experience costs an arm and a leg. Masa...ha! Never has a resto's name been so ironic.

If you manage to look beyond the price though; you'll find that the food here is exquisite. Masa constantly gets high points in reviews, so at lest you're getting quality grub.

Makalaglag-panga price: $450 (around P20,200) per person, exclusive of tax and tips



What you're paying for: If you're rich and is not afflicted with Acrophobia, then maybe you can survive a date at the Burj Al Arab. This hotelat over 1,000-feet tallis one of the tallest buildings in the world. Just imagine the view!

Like its height, the amenities inside the Burj Al Arab's Royal Suite are noteworthy, if not shocking. Each suite is laid over two floors and comes with a whirlpool bath. You'll also have dedicated living and dining areas andget thisyour own butler! You'll even be given a gold iPad for your stay! See? Sosyal!

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