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LOOK: These Are The Kinds Of Questions That Students Ask In Sex-Education Classes

Teenagers say the darndest things.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 19, 2015
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A Reddit post by a sex education teacher in the US has revealed a couple of things that we already know: Young people ask the darnedest things and, yes, teenagers are absolutely interested in sex.

The anonymous 40-year-old teacher spent three years teaching ninth graders (14- to 15-year-olds) at public schools in Virginia and California all about sex which, as expected, yielded some really interesting questions from his students.

How interesting? Imagine the questions the clueless-but-horny testosterone-filled 15-year-old you wanted to ask whenever you saw something sexy back then.

But just in case you're too lazy to remember or that old age has gotten the better of you, here are some of the questions the aforementioned teacher gathered to give you an idea of what we're talking about:

Curiosity about how sex hurts is of great interest

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These teens worry about masturbation while we worry about their incorrect spelling

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Cue morning wood jokes!

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It's quite reassuring that they want to know about safe sex, too

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We believe we've already shed some light on this rather sensitive topic...

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Wondering about how he handles these questions? Well, here are some of his clever responses:

How do you increase penis size?

"No. Medically, all those penis size treatments are complete bullshit. They're trying to take your money for nothing."

Does having sex hurt?

"If you do it right, it feels wonderful. If you do it wrong, it can be incredibly painful. (Mostly for girls, but I'm a guy, and I've had painful sex occasionally!)"

Where do men ejaculate when/after they masturbate?

"Too many places. Facial tissue (kleenex) or bathroom tissue seems to be very popular."

What would happen if your penis was un-erect and stuffed into a chick's vagina?

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"Without an erection, it's much more difficult for anyone to have an orgasm from penis-in-vagina sex. (I won't say you ladies can't have an orgasm without PIV. That's a beautiful thing, too.)"

Good to know he's really teaching the young ones some really important stuff about sex! If you want to read the rest of the questions, the complete gallery can be found here. We also recommend taking a look at his other responses as well. Who knows? Maybe you could learn a thing or two, even if you're already an oldie.

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