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FHM's 10 Swankiest Babe Tattoos, Starring Erika Padilla!

That's freedom of expression, yo!
by Mikey Agulto | Jun 4, 2014
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We don't know why the ink on Erika Padilla's groin area is garnering heat online, because it's clearly one of the prettiest tattoos we've ever seen on an FHM babe.

"If that's a tattoo you placed there simply for the photo shoot, then you are all jerks for stereotyping us Pinays with Erika's photo," writes one lady blogger. "If that's an artificial tattoo, that's a really tacky and thoughtless thing you did. We are not all as vacuous as that, and 'Pinay' does not mean sex object."

First of all, ouch! And second of all, madam blogger, that is Erika's actual tattoo, and it looks super awesome. You know what; we'll let our cover girl defend herself.

"Nabasa ko lahat ng hate comments," Erika told News5. "I don't think my tattoo is objectifying me as a sex symbol. I think it's even empowering me, because it's who I am. I'm a Filipina." That's what you call freedom of expression, yo!
Erika Padilla
We respect our haters' opinions, but we hope this clears things up. Anyway, since we're on the subject of body inks, we hope our critics won't mind if we give y'all more tattooed babes. Scroll down to find out which lovely inked ladies made the cut!

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The ink on Paloma's torso—the one that says la vida es bella—actually means "life is beautiful." The ones on her wrists, meanwhile, say "faith" and "obey." "Para ma-remind ako na umayos sa tuwing tinutubuan ako ng sungay," she adds.


Much like Erika, Danita Paner's rosary tattoo also made the cover of FHM. "It's my only one," she reveals. "Kasi nung lumayas ako sa amin, may nagbigay sa akin ng rosary bracelet na sobrang importante sa akin, na feeling ko kapag mag-isa ako yun lang ang kasama ko. Nawala siya, so naisip ko na lang na ipalagay para permanent na."

Danita Paner

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The tattoo on Angela Gabrielle's lower torso is that of a stargazer lily, which, she admits, is meant for her soulmate. "Maliban sa gusto ko siyang bulaklak, gusto ko rin yung meaning niya mismo," she tells us. In the Orient, it actually means "I see heaven in your eyes." Cheesy much?


The tattoo on Ellen Adarna's ribcage reads: "God grant me the Serenity, to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference." Fits her personality like a glove, don't you think?

Ellen Adarna

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