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The 13 Most Annoying Guys You Meet At The Gym

Practice G.M.R.C. (read: Gym Manners And Right Conduct)!
| Aug 3, 2015
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Religiously going to the gym is already an achievement even if you've done zilch to eliminate your baby fats. It's certainly no easy taskyou've got the ever-present issue of "not enough time" and the eternal bout with laziness to deal with.

And when you've mustered enough determination to haul your ass off the couch, you've got the annoying gym users that further discourage you from setting foot in the gym again.

We mean, seriously, will you be able to sweat out your dad bod in peace if you're surrounded by these guys (as listed by our bro site Menshealth.ph):

The guy who doesn't return gym equipment

gym mannersGIF via Gifsoup.com

This is a public place, not a house where a yaya will pick up after you. Return all equipment, especially heavy plates and dumbbells, after using them. Please.

The guy who sweats loads and doesn't wipe up after himself

Everyone likes a hard worker, especially in the gym. But if you could be considered as a model for sweaty underarms, make sure you bring your own towel (and use it!).

The guy who grunts like Maria Sharapova after every rep

gym mannersGIF via Hercampus.com

If you are trying to set a personal record for a major lift, grunting like a big ogre is fine. What’s not is if you do it all the time, making the people around you uncomfortable.

The guy who always poses in front of the mirror

According to personal trainer Ted Viray, some people have the habit of just cutting in front of him to pose and flex while he is working with clients on proper form and execution of exercises. No, sir, take your flexing elsewhere. 

The guy who hogs the equipment

gym mannersGIF via Smashboards.com

We all have a set routine that we’d ideally like to follow when we're inside the gym. But when the gym is packed and there is a shortage of equipment, be mindful of others and allow them to work in, or alternate with you during your set. (Or you can also try workouts that require minimal equipment, like this one. - Menshealth.ph editors)

The guy who misuses the equipment

This seems to irritate the big boys more often. Take our advice: When there are powerlifters in the room, don’t make the mistake of doing barbell curls in the squat rack!

For the rest of the list, please visit Menshealth.ph.

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