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The 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

A mixture of cool, sexy, and WTF stuff on this week's list!
by Mars Salazar | May 8, 2015
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Here’s a brief rundown of some of this week’s best moments: J-Law's classy-sexy dress, a new game for reliving our '00s skater days, Pope Francis being cool as always, and Penshoppe’s newest (and dare we say hottest) endorser. Curious? All of that and much, much more in this edition of The 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Here’s what happens when U2 and Jimmy Fallon dress up as, well, not U2 and Jimmy Fallon to busk at NYC’s Grand Central Station. Can you imagine this happening at, say, the MRT Cubao terminal?

Video via Donna Massari

Since we’re already talking about Jimmy Fallon, you might as well watch his "More Than Words" duet with Jack Black, where they copied frame by frame the original Extreme music video. NAILED IT.

Video via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

American travel blogger Nathan Allen was just declared persona non grata in Sorsogon after criticizing the local tourism office. That’s the latest in a loooong string of events involving Pinoys being (overly?) sensitive over harsh criticisms. If you want to be refreshed on previous similar incidents, there's a (web) app for that!

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J-Law’s Met Gala after-party dress isn’t as revealing as J-Lo’s see-through Met Gala gown, but it’s definitely just as sexy. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s less complicated, and therefore easier to remove?

15 things may 8Image via

We don’t blame these dudes for bailing upon finding out that the hot chick they’re checking out has balls…the literal kind. Tuck ‘em in, girl!

Video via CodyRoeder

We love Sarah Geronimo, and it seems the Backstreet Boys are in the same page with us: Howie Dorough, who performed a song with Sarah back in 2008, described her as one of the Philippines’ best singers. One of the best and the hottest, dude!

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The maintenance supervisor at Baltimore City’s Department of Public Works was sacked after he was caught watching 39 hours’ worth of porn in two weeks. Heck, even us can't top that! We’re slightly afraid to know what else he was doing while on his movie marathon.

15 things may 8GIF via

Cops had to deal with a lot of shit these days. Cases in point: a recent QC demolition that had illegal settlers throwing pee, poo, and acid (WTF?) at hapless policemen; and on the international front, an 18-year-old girl from Florida who took a dump in a police cruiser after she was caught breaking into her ex’s home. Some people are just batshit crazy, you know?

15 things may 8Image by Boy Santos via

Here’s a whole-day date idea: a trip to the National Museum (free entrance for the whole month of May!), followed by a Binondo food trip and a stroll in Intramuros. There ain’t no better time to brush up on your culture!

15 things may 8Image via

Look at Pope Francis trying to spin a ball on his fingers under the tutelage of the Harlem Globetrotters. See? He's such a character!

Video via ROME REPORTS in English

The bodacious and babelicious Kendall Jenner is Penshoppe’s newest endorser! You can bet we’ll be first in line to see her when she visits Manila!

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