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The 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

This week: Kanye's new single, Taylor's latest good deed, and CDR-King's GoPro
by Mars Salazar | Jan 2, 2015
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Happy New Year, FHM Nation! We’ve got the scoop on CDR-King’s GoPro, Kanye's new song, and a whole lot of holiday cheers in this week’s edition of the 15 Things A Man Must Know! 

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Too kuripot for a GoPro? You might want to consider this CDR-King alternative.

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Video via Lawrence Tan

Victoria’s Secret might be having a swimwear fashion show in Puerto Rico soon. Maybe they’ll consider the Philippines next time?


A onesie-clad The Rock showed off his impressive singing skillz with a rendition of “Here Comes Santa Claus” that’ll make Elvis Presley proud on Live With Kelly and Michael. Sorry, Kelly Ripa—that was most definitely a well-deserved win.

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Video via AwesomeArtistsLive2

Avid fans of Entourage rejoice: The hit show’s much-awaited movie spinoff will be showing on June 2015. And if you need another reason to watch it, here it is: Emily Ratajkowski.

Video via Warner Bros. Pictures

This cat proves that sometimes, drawings on whiteboards are best left unerased.

Video via BpHQueX

BBC reporter Quentin Sommerville is apparently a very giddy stoner. That mid-report giggle’s hilarious.

Video via handbrace

OF COURSE, LeBron James’s nine-year-old kid also has mad basketball skills. Really, we shouldn’t be surprised.

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Hooters girls and Christmas carols: two things that shouldn’t make sense together, but bizarrely do.

Video via Hooters

The Simple Pickup guys got a bunch of girls to read The Night Before Christmas while perched on a Sybian. Looks like Santa gave these girls a gift they appreciated.

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