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The 21-Foot Philippine Crocodile: Just How Big Is It?

And the villagers are like "whoa"
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 8, 2011
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Some of you must have already heard of the monstrous saltwater crocodile found and caught in the outskirts of Barangay Nueva Era, Bunawan in Agusan Del Sur last Saturday night. Monstrous isn’t even enough to describe it – it’s a 21-foot, one-ton massive male crocodile. Make that monster.

It took the villagers and veteran hunters three weeks to snare the enormous reptile, which is being considered as the biggest crocodile the world has ever seen. And we mean a potential big ass world record holder. Even local Mayor Cox Elorde wants the crocodile to “turn from a threat into an asset” by putting it in an ecotourism park. Nice thinking there, mayor.

But just to give you an idea of how massive that thing really is, here’s a weenie little chart comparing this local crocodile’s size to the likes of a gigantic sea creature and the world’s tallest man. Enjoy!


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