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The 5 annoying drivers you meet on Philippine roads

<p>Road rage transforms all of us into The Hulk in seconds!</p>
| Jan 20, 2010
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Philippine roads are troublesome as it is: pot holes, weird traffic schemes that pop out of nowhere, the goddamn traffic. [firstpara] It’s not hard to understand why road rage is so common, manifesting itself in the heart of many, like an evil fetus that can suddenly grow into a murderous goliath should push come to a shove.

And the drivers we share the road with don’t make the trips any more pleasant. Here are five types of drivers that are sure to make you shake your fist at the sky in anger.

The Street Racer
Showing off your souped-up Honda to the rest of the commuting public by revving it hard, (and thereby destroying the eardrums of innocent passersby) and blasting through traffic like a madman is not classy.

We get it, you have an awesome car, and it’s fast, just don’t brag too much about it. Also, ever heard of the psychology term overcompensation? It's when you try to make up for a weakness, a flaw, a a fraility? So next time you find yourself wanting to show off, ask yourself what are you really making up for.

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How to spot: Look out for Japanese sedans with race decals, aftermarket parts labels and stickers, wide rims, and a color scheme inspired by The Fast and The Furious.

When the street racer is in douchebag mode, a roaring engine sound can be heard from a mile away, sometimes accompanied with booming hiphop music.



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