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The 6th Manila International Auto Show

| Apr 21, 2010
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The 6th Manila International Auto Show has just concluded after an awesome four-day run last weekend. Now, for every car-loving freak, the MIAS proved to be a trip to wonderland: a dazzling peek into the world of wheels and gears. [firstpara] And sprawled all over on the show floors were cars of all shapes and sizes, from the most civilian to the most exotic.

The only sad thing? The cars that we coveted the most were also the ones that were indeed waaaay out of our budget. And so, instead, we focus on the three best parts of the 6th MIAS. Of course, that's excluding the autograph signing of FHM cover girl Kristel Moreno.

1. Russ Swift
Russ Swift
is the world’s no.1 precision driver, and during the event, he showed us exactly why. From squeezing into tight parallel parking spots using a flashy drifting technique to doing jaw-dropping side wheelies, his routine was once again spotless.

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This is actually the second time Russ Swift participated in MIAS, displaying his superpowers. Judging from people's reactions last weekend, there's no tiring of his tricks anytime soon. Let’s see if you can do this trick in the video, and then we’ll talk.

2. The 1967 Ford Mustang GT
As reported by, a 1967 Ford Mustang GT restored by Alex Restoration bagged the Best of Show award. The car was flawless. It looked like it just came out fresh from a Ford showroom in the 60s, and then transported to the MIAS via a time travel machine. It also helped a lot that it was a freaking Mustang—the premiere pony car of its time.

3. The Booth Babes
No car show is complete without them, and in the 6th MIAS, the girls were out in full force. Yeah, the cars were awesome, but don’t forget the booth babes.

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FHM was there to suck the auto experience in. Click here now to check out our event gallery to see what you may have missed, or what you're still hung over from.



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